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Southern California 2012 – January/February 2012

February 1, Wednesday San Diego, Las Vegas, Orlando

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We go back to Orlando today.

Before we leave, let me introduce you to Lana.

Lana has a ferocious bark and her hair stands straight up when she sees you or hears you come to the door, and a whole bunch of scary teeth.

She scared the hell out of Olga when she first came into the house.

I was already back in the car with the windows up and the engine running in case Olga got away.

Lana is, in fact, a big scardy cat wimp.

If you don't fall for the initial bravado and make a move towards her, she turns tail and runs around and hides behind Barbara.

To be honest, I never really got around to trying that. Just in case she figured out I was a bigger wimp.
I would just hide behind Olga and let her scare the dog.

I hurt my back playing golf a couple of weeks ago and have been hobbling about like the geezer I am.

We were staying on a pull out couch, which under normal circumstances would have been perfectly comfortable.

But with the back issue I appropriated Lana's bed and slept on it. It helped a lot.
Although I've been dreaming about bones since I came back to Orlando.
We left Vista early, checked in the car, checked in at the airport, and settled in near our departure gate at the airport.
And had the obligatory Bloody Mary.

This time we got a bar seat in view of our departure gate.

We fly from San Diego to Las Vegas for a 3 hour layover before we continue to Orlando.

I don't mind missing a flight in Vegas, but I want to be sure to get here.
In the few hours we spend at the Tap Room, we run up a tab of about $70 for Bloody Mary's, a few beers, and a Quiznos sandwich.

Flying is cheap, hanging out in airports is not.
So we get to Las Vegas.

We arrive at the Southwest gates and have about three hours until our next flight.

We hit the slot machines and I spend about an hour and a half losing $5.

Olga is much more sucessful and drops about $40 in the same time.

I decide it's about time to find the gate for our next flight.

We had arrived at concourse C.

It turns out our next flight is from concourse B.
Sounds close, right.

Wrong, it's about a mile away. I'm not moving too fast so it takes quite a while for me to get there.
We finally get there and only have about a half hour until boarding.
We're on Southwest to Orlando, which means we only get some peanuts for a 4.5 hour flight..

So I get a $10 big burrito for the ride.

Do not buy a burrito from this place. I won't elaborate, just don't do it.

Olga thinks we have time for a beer before boarding, so she drops $14 for two beers.
They call for boarding immediately after she pays for the beer.

I manage to chug mine down before we go through the gate.
She almost gets by with her half left beer, but the gate attendant catches her and takes it away.
We had a pretty nice flight back to Orlando, and didn't get a chance to drop another pile of $ at the gate.

Next time I think I get a longer layover and go to town.