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Southern California 2012 – January/February 2012

January 31 Tuesday Old San Diego, San Diego Harbor

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We're on the way to Old San Diego.

We're going to take the Coaster from Carlsbad Village to Old Town San Diego.

At the Coaster station we have some pretty fancy bicycle racks, complete with covers.
You buy your tickets here.

Here we have two sets of people trying to figure out how it's done.
It's not quite as easy as it would seem.

Olga tries to buy a ticket with her debit/credit combo card and it won't work.

I use my credit card and it does work.

That figures, I get the tab for the tickets.

A round trip for Olga costs $11.

I get a senior deal for $5.50.

Occasionaly it pays to be a geezer.
We just made it through the ticket machine and got to the track just as the train arrived.

Nice looking commuter train.
Very comfortable inside.

I'm impressed.
The Coaster travels between the I-5 and the coast.

Much better view and a very pleasant ride.

Beats the hell out of the traffic on the freeway.

It's not the fastest train in the world, but we caught the 11:10am train and got to the Old Town station at 11:59.
The entrance to Old Town is just across the street.
Old Town is a collection of old buildings and restaurants in a nice setting.
And a hotel here and there.

This one looks a good place to stop.

We've been walking around at least 15 minutes.

The margarita's here are a special formulation unique to the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Very nice.

A tad expensive at $7. But a pretty good sized glass.

Strange name for a store.

The El Fandango reputedly has a ghost that appears as a Victorian woman dressed in white.

I looked around for her, but they told me she usually appears later in the day after the tequila tastings.

Now this is a serious cactus.

There doesn't seem to be any noteworthy bars in the park area, so I leave down the southwest end and take a walk up San Diego Avenue.

Here we find a fine spot, the Old Town Saloon.

It's a fine example of the kind of dive joint I seem to have a preference for.

Cheap drinks and friendly folk.

Don't miss this one when playing tourist in San Diego.

They don't have any food at the Old Town so we head up the street to the Coyote Cafe.

It's a bit on the touristy side, but they have a good happy hour.
And it was Taco Tuesday where tacos were $2 each.

They even had a Potato Taco.
I never had one of those before.
Quite spicy and very good.

And the 14oz margarita's were $4.95.

On the way to meet me, Olga wasn't aware how cool the Old Town Saloon was and she got sidetracked into the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

A pretty nice church.

With nice stained glass.

It's just about sunset, so we head down to the Harbor and the Maritime Museum.

This is the Star of India built in 1863,

It still sails on short trips manned by volunteers.

Here we have the B-39, a Soviet submarine.

The aircraft carrier USS Midway is also docked near here and I regret not having the time to visit it.

You can't quite appreciate the size of an aircraft carrier until you get on one.

Oh well, sunset and we head back to Vista.

It's also getting pretty chilly.

On the way back to Vista we go by the Mormon Temple.

These guys are always pretty impressive.