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Southern California 2012 – January/February 2012

January 30 Monday Coronado

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This is I-5 in the direction of San Diego.

6 Lanes each way.

It's around 11:30am.

We're on the way to Coronado, which is an island in San Diego Bay just a little south of the city.
We head over the bridge to the island.

Point Loma is in the distance.

The Hotel Del Coronado is on the far side of the island and has the red roofs.
We find the hotel and find a metered parking space on the street.
There's a good reason for parking on the street.

Parking at the hotel itself is a tad expensive.

As far as I could tell, valet parking is the only parking at the hotel.
We head up the main entry to the hotel.
I was taking a picture of the nice gargoyle lamp when I noticed the nice brass plaque on the wall.

It's a pretty classy plaque for the message offered.

One might wonder if it's safe to go in here.

But, hey, it's California, and the air here contains chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

I'm a little surprised they don't make you sign a waiver.
The interior is stunning.

Beautiful dark wood everywhere.

A little reminicent of the Hay Adams Hotel in DC.

Here's some people going to take a chance on reproductive issues to stay here for a few days.
Room rates range from $289 to $715.

Add on a $25 daily resort fee and an 8% tax.

Nice place.
We didn't get a chance to see the rooms, but Olga did try out the area set aside for registered guests only.

Perhaps after a nice Lotto win she might even stay here some day.

See the rooms.
Kate Morgan checked into the resort on November 24, 1892, and never checked out.

Reports of ghostly happenings, all thought to be connected to the death of this beautiful young woman, have been circulating at The Del ever since.

The guy that runs the elevator looks like he was working here when Kate checked in.

Olga asked him if he ever sees her.

His reply, "I only work the day shift, she doesn't come out until nightime."

There's a nice little shopping area here.

Olga and Barbara disappear into the stores.

So I retire to the library and read a little Damon Runyon.

I get a little bored and head off to the bar.

But there's a really nice area just outside of the bar that looks like a much nicer place to have a drink, considering the very nice San Diego weather.

It looks a lot like the Grand Floridian resort at Disney World in Orlando

Olga and Barbara figure out that they can't afford anything in the shopping area, so they show up outside.

Looks like a nice little bar to stop at for a drink.


$14 for a hot dog.

So we decide to forego the hot dog but decide to have a beer anyway.

Only $7, just like Disney.

We decide this joint might be a little above our budget level.

So I use my phone to look up a nice joint that has a happy hour.

I find a place that's close that has margarita's and seafood.

We leave the Hotel Del and go to the car.

I tell everybody that the next place is just down the street, but they remember when I said that in Laguna Beach and we walked up and down some steep hills for .6 miles.

So we opt to put on the GPS and use it to find the place.

It tells me to take an immediate right, followed by another right, followed by another right.
Then we drive by where I was originally parked and go just past the street where I took the first right.
It's about 20 yards past that street.

Or about 50 yards from where I was parked.

Looks like an all American joint.

We get a great bowl of clam chowder and a fish taco at happy hour prices.

We ordered the basic margarita, but the waitress upsold us to the $7 margarita.

It was worth the extra $3, as it came in a nice shaker, and wound up being about 3 of the cheaper margarita's.

We leave the Brigatine and head back to Vista.

Olga had met Barbara's cleaning lady a few days ago and asked her if she could make Chile Rellenos.

Duh, she was Mexican, and it's one of the basics.

So she made a batch of 24 huge ones, complete with a side of rice.

Now, there are about 9 people in and out of the house at any one time.

Some of whom also hail from Mexico.

So we also had a really great Guacamole, and some excellent fresh chorizo with cheese.

This was my plate, and I finished all but a half of a Relleno.

You may note at the upper left, whats left of a glass of two buck chuck.
fine accompaniment to a great Mexican meal.