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Southern California 2012 – January/February 2012

Jaunuary 28 Saturday Julian

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Today we're off to the apple pie mecca of the universe.

Julian, California.

It's east of San Diego about 60 miles, about 4000 feet up in the mountains.
It's a pretty cool little town of about 12 blocks.
The really strange thing about this town is that there are no bars.

Deli, yes.
Soda fountain, yes.
Cafe/bakery, yes.

Irish pub, no.

We head over to the Rong Branch for lunch.

I get what they call a "hay stack" and an iced tea.

It's a basically a grilled ham and cheese.

A biker town without bars.

What's happened to California, folks?
This is possibly an answer, maybe there's some Amish influence here.
The drive on route 78 from Vista was very enjoyable.

A lot of it is mountain roads, which I need a serious dose of every so often.

Florida just doesn't get it for interesting mountain roads.
And here we have the world famous Julian Pie Company.
One of the Julian residents, a speckled hen.
Whoa, hang on a minute, this joint advertises spirits.

I assume thats not ghosts.

Maybe I come back here later.

Reasonable prices here in good old Julian.

I wish I saw this before I paid $9 for my hay stack.

A nice old drug store.

They start the buggy drivers here pretty young.

Damn, it took 21 years to get the insurance money to rebuild.

The major hotel in Julian.

This was up a steep hill, and I was sure there must be a bar here.

But, no, just a burger joint.

A fine looking tricycle.

The south end of a llama cruising down the boardwalk.

The north end.

California seems to have all the '32 Roadsters in existence.

I finally found the bar in town.

They also have music on Saturday night.

What a great innovation.

The Bailey.

They have a variety of draft beers, wine, and a full bar.

We head back to Vista and stop to buy a few pies from the Julian Pie Company.

Yep, it's a good pie.

Special apples grown only in Julian.