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Southern California 2012 – January/February 2012

Jaunuary 27 Friday Seal Beach, Oceanside

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This is the right truck.

Very comfortable house.

We had a very nice visit and now it's time to head for Seal Beach.
Now we're getting somewhere.

Irish pubs abound.
And Bikini stores.

Only in California, a Psychic next to an Irish Pub.
This is looking way better than Laguna Beach.
A fine shade tree for the pub.
Well, it must be about time for a Guinness.

So I pick probably the only pub in Seal Beach that doesn't have Guinness on tap.

2nnd choice, PBR, of course.
You can't get any closer to downtown Seal Beach than this.
Think there might be a prevailing wind from the west here?
Check this for a list of things you can't do.
This is a really wide beach, sparsely populated.
Ruby's is a nice 50's style diner.
They seem to have a monopoly on pier locations
Unfortunately the waitresses don't quite look like this.
We have a nice lunch at Ruby's, then head back down the coast to Oceanside.

And here we have a guy on a scooter that has training wheels.
The harbour at Oceanside is just south of Camp Pendleton.
And the Rocking Baja Coastal Cantina
has good margaritas for $4 and a free Salsa bar.