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Southern California 2012 – January/February 2012

Jaunuary 26, Thursday Long Beach

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We're off to viisit a friend in Long Beach.

We get a bit of a late start and we arrive about 12:30.

A couple of very large trees are being removed from her back yard.

These guys were very dense and I think they might have trouble getting them all into the truck.
I wanted to take a picture of her truck.

This isn't it, it's just a truck across the street.

But it is a nice truck.
We don't hang around long since it's lunchtime so we go directly to the Thai Basil.
We get some rice paper rolls and some red curry.

Very nice, give it a try next time you find yourself in Long Beach.
I always thought everyone in Southern California had at least two cars.

But, here's proof that there is some public transportation.
After lunch we head directly to Trader Joe's to stock up on some more "Two Buck Chuck".
Later that evening, we head over to the local Super Mex.

They claim to have the world's best Salsa.

It is very good, but maybe a notch or two below the world's best.

They do have a humongous burrito, and the food was worth the visit.