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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

June 4, 2011, Saturday Badalona


Where's Jerry right now?

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Well, I think about using the ships head for a shower.
But I can't stand up in here.
At least not if I was in that tub.
So, I opt for a short walk down to the Badalona Marina facilities.

I'm enjoying my shipboard experience, but I think I'll save the shipboard showers for when I'm underway.

Which won't be happening any time soon.
These dogs are interesting, they pull each other around by their leashes
Mark and Antonio have brought over another row boat they built.

They are finishing off the oars.

Then it's going to be a 100 kilometers test run up the Mediterranean towards France.

I'm thinking more of a 1 K test run up to the grocery store to lay in enough supplies for the rest of the day.

I'm going across the gankplank one more time today when I get back and then I will be doing absolutley nothing until tomorrow.

Antonio gives me a Euro to pick up a couple of beers.
It's always nice to have a nice big power plant next to your marina.

At the far left end, there's is a huge solar array panel.
I haven't been able to find any more info on it.
I know it was there in 2008.

There's also suppossed to be some big time skateboard competition going on over there now.

Personally, I think skateboards are one of the absolute worst devices ever invented.They totally ruin the enjoyment of city parks and plazas.
And they are a serious hazard for us geezer types.

But, if you like them, here's a video of the neighborhood.

This has been my nemsis for my stay here.

It's my only access to the boat and it's pretty scary to a lurch-about old guy that doesn't swim and wears bifocals.

I can't quite figure out how it's attached. But it seems sturdy enough.

It's a 12 inch piece of shelving loosly laid on an aluminum ladder section.

For a safety feature(?) it has two upright 1 inch aluminum spindles connected with a small piece of string.

Trust me, that's not keeping me out of the water.

So, my technique is to get near either end, touch the metal spindle to calm my brain, then go like hell for a few steps.

Chris says it's best to do it quickly.
It was another interesting day.

By the time I got back from the store, Mark and Antonio had been joined by Audun. A trumpet guy of some fame.
You can catch a short video here.

I had bought them a six pack of beer so that worked out about right, except I drank one of them.

They worked on the boats for a while.

Ben showed up looking a little worse for the wear. His roller skate event had wound up as a slumber party in a car park and he didn't have a very good recollection of the events that had transpired. He went below and had a long nap.

Another friend showed up from Latvia, and I impressed her with my knowledge of European geography, by talking about reindeers and the Artic Circle.
Latvia, is of course, not Lapland, and is on the Bactic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia.
Anyway, she is living in France with her boyfriend and they had come to Spain for the weekend by motorcycle.

Being a typical French dude, he wound up leaving her in Barcelona and had returned to Lyon.

Bad luck for her, good luck for me.
We shared a bit of wine and had some fine conversation after she figured out I had heard of Latvia and was not some Looney Tune.

Ben comes up from below, straps on the skates, and is off to Placa Catalunya to join the Spanish protests. He is looking for a frying pan and wood spoon to take with him but can't can't find one.

Now I know what was going on across the street from my hotel room a few days ago.

Another nice day ends and the dogs cruise the streets a bit with Chris.
Somehow he managed to make one stay home.