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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

May 31, 2011 Tuesday – Nice.


Where's Jerry right now?

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My last night in Nice.

I spent all day cleaning the apartment.

So I'm going to have nice little dinner at a restaurant recommended by my host, Ray.

It's called Pouquois Pas, which means "Why Not?"

I get a nice 50cc carafe of red from the Var country. It's 8€, and a very nice wine.
Then I get the "Costaud", which is a rump steak.
I got it sanguine which is rare.

Upper left is a nice little salad.

Upper middle is a small Marguerite pizza, upper right are the ubiquitos Pommes Frites,
Lower left are pasta shells and a piquante marinara sauce, lower middle is the rump steak with Provencale seasoning, and lower right, grilled zucchini.

Very good, although the steak was a little tough, as is usually the case in Europe.
But way too much food for me.

How do these French stay so skinny?

I just blew two weeks of walking 5 miles a day with one meal.
It's not very crowded, but the people across from me had delivered what looked like a meal for two.
But it was their entrée, and they each also got a meal the size of mine.

I also got a bit of bread.
Nice little place. Several people ate outside on the small sidewalk.
They love outside in France.

Next to trash cans, buses, car and motorcycle traffic, doesn't matter.

And I love it too.