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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

May 27-28, 2011 Friday/Saturday – Monaco.


Where's Jerry right now?

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Another gourmet treat on Friday night.

On the terrace at Chez Ray.

Steak Haché avec Emmentaler râpé, Sauce de Champignons.
Pomme de Terre au Four de Micro-Ondes avec Buerre aux Cristaux de Sel.
Poivrons Grillés.
Vin rouge.

For you non-gourmets, that's a hamburger, with shredded Swiss cheese and a mushroom sauce.

A Micro-wave baked potato with butter with salt crystals. Grilled sweet peppers and a little red wine.
 Saturday, and I going to see some of the races at the Monaco Grand Prix.

I'm not a big car racing fan so I don't want to drop a fortune to get ear damage.

The cheapest ticket is for Saturday in the Rocher Secteur.

It's a standing area on the road up to the Princes palace and at the top of the hill.

It costs me 40€. Regular seats in the stands run from 220€ to 450€.

So I take the bus to Riquier and catch the train to Monaco. Buses are free on race days so I take the 2 bus to the ticket booth near the Casino.

I decide to just walk over to the Rocher section. There was a sign pointing to it at the train station.
But I think I know a short cut.

Then I won't need to take the bus back up the hill.

I get to my short cut and they won't let me in with my bleacher ticket.

So the guy tells me to go up this hill here, take a left, and keep walking up until I get to the train station, then walk down, down, down the hill until you get to the Rocher entrance.

I had just taken this picture and still had the camera in my hand. He told me, no pictures.
So I read the back of the ticket and it says, in English, camera's and video camera's are not permitted.
Merde, I even packed my video camera in my backpack.

I hope I don't have to go back to Nice to drop my camera's off.

So I climb up the hill to the train station. And go all the way through the train station looking for a locker to leave my stuff in.

Thanks to the IRA and Bin Laden, they don't have lockers anymore.

So I put my video camera way in the bottom of the backpack wrapped in my grocery bag and hide my still camera under my sweater that I keep tied around my waist to fend off the pickpockets.
I follow the signs through the train station and get to the entrance to Rocher.

They don't even look in my backpack and just tear off the stub on my ticket, and I'm in.

There's guys walking through with big camera's hanging around their neck.

So I walk up the hill, and there's a big crowd up against the rail
They have covered the hedges along this road with plywood so you can stand on it and get a better view.
As you can see, it's pretty crowded and here's a guy with a big camera.
And these people apparently didn't read the back of the ticket.
There's a qualifying race going on and the noise is big time.

I keep walking up the hill looking for a spot to watch from.

But they all have crappy views.

So I just continue up to the top and find a nice little park.
Hell, this is better than a really bad view of a race track with a lot of noise.
I'm in the mirror in the toilette.
It's a euro to take a pee in Monaco.

But it's a nice little outhouse.

There's a lady in there watching the race on TV.
That looks like the Club Med ship I took pictures of in the Nice harbour the other day.
Looks like there's only room for two Beatles in this one.
It's in front of the Oceanographic Institute.
And down the road a piece, there's a nice exotic garden.
A nice balcony on one of the houses in the old village of Monaco.
Nice garden and play area for the local kids.
Nice mountain in the background.

Living in Florida makes you search out things that are more than 50 feet high.
The local church.
I'm not sure what this is but I have a picture of Olga here last year.
Probably one of the Grimaldi boys.
The old city with a busload of Italian tourists.

This is much better way to watch the race.
I finally get to Chez Prince.
And here comes a visitor for the Prince.
This is the top of the hill over the track.
And this is the local nearby.
I go in, take a look over the hill, am not impressed and get a shot of the Princes clock tower.
I go back to the local and get a Leffe.

It's from Belgium and after all the Guinness I've had, it's a little on the sweet side.

Only 7€.
The view from the East side of the Princes plaza.
He's ready to defend his place.
They have a little formal guard changing ceremony here.
A  nice view from the top to the harbour and part of the track.
I can't find a good spot to watch from here so I start back down the hill.

These are some Italian Red Cross guys.

I guess they bring in some extra help for the race week.
I finally find a pretty good spot with a view of the track and the pit area.

I actually got some decent video from here.

This is the best spot in this whole section.

There is a mini Grand Prix race of just 30 laps going on.

I watch until there's about 15 laps left and leave to get the 2 bus to the train station.

Maybe I can get there before this crowd shows up. I get to the bus stop for the 2 bus and it shows up right away.

The driver gets off, and I get on. I'm waiting and the driver says he'll leave in 12 minutes.

A lap on the Monte Carlo circuit lasts about a minute. So by the time he leaves, the race is over and the crowd is dispersing. The bus fills up, but I have a seat.

It gets to the train station pretty quick.
But there's a few people here already.

I find a spot by the stairs so it doesn't have as many people waiting as there are further down the platform.

The train shows up in about 10 minutes and there's the usual free for all for the door.

I got lucky and the door stopped right in front of me.

So I pushed my way on pretty quick and got a seat.
I get back to Riquier and take the 7 bus to the Port.

Big crowd at Ma Nolans for a rugby match.

So I don't get my regular seat.
But I find a real comfortable spot with a nice view of the harbour.
Back at Chez Ray, it's Guacamole and Paprika and Cream chips.

I hit the Guacamole with a shot of the Thai hot sauce.