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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

May 21, 2011 Saturday – Roquebrune Vieux Village.


Where's Jerry right now?

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An American breakfast on the balcony.
Check out the lady with a dog in the pram.
Here we have a young lady with a scooter that has just bought a plant from the flower store across the street.

She's trying to stow it in her scooter.

She is sucessful, and buzzes off.
This dude better be careful on this street.

He might just wind up in one of the rotisseries.
Today I go to Roquebrune. The Vieux Village.

So I get the #7 bus to Riquier and catch a train to Menton.

We pass through Villefranche and detect a possible overload of tourists.
I'm in the first train car and you don't often get to watch the driver.

Mostly, he's just yakking with someone else up front.

I think these trains are all automated.
I was planning on catching the #113 bus from Menton to Roquebrune, but as usual I am behind the schedule and won't get there in time to take the 13:30 bus.

So I get off  at the Roquebrune-Cap-Martin station to see if I can get the #113 from there.
This station has nothing around it.
Check out these condo's
It is a nice area.
My goal is way up there.
It's a long way from here
I do a little walk-about here hoping to find the #113 stop.
A nice little small park.
I decide to give up and go back to Monaco and catch the #113 from there.

There's one from there at 14:40.

I had bought a ticket to Menton, but now I'm going the other way, so I need to get another ticket.

But this side of the track doesn't have a ticket machine.

So, I have to go down the stairs and up the strairs to the other side to buy my 1€ ticket to Monaco. Then back down the stairs and back up here.
I get to the terminus stop for the #113 bus.

There is no sign here that would let you know this is a bus stop.

But, there is a nice little statue.

I would never have found this if I hadn't taken a dry run yesterday.
So, I get to the #113 on time and off we go.

A nice ride, with a nice view of Beausoleil.
That's my goal, the old fort at Roquebrune.
We arrive and, as everywhere in France, the cool stuff is uphill.

I think there's another way to do this from above and just walk down.

But, it seems to be a secret kept from tourists.
I walk up to  a nice plaza.
Cool statue and big rock.
A nice view.
In the far left is a cruise ship docked at the Monaco harbour.
Yea, I'm going to climb up there.
This is one of the streets in this old city.
And there are a few stairs.
I like old cities.
But, I'm not fond of the stairs.
They are everywhere.
Just another street.
A ceramic shop on the way up.
I'm sure glad to see this.

I've climbed up a bunch of stairs.

I might need it before I get to the top.
Ah Ha. The Grimaldi boys are involved again.
It's Cap-Martin.

And I can see the train tracks where I was a little while ago.
Interesting history.
This was Monaco, then it was Italy, but now it's France.
A very cool donjon.

Interesting fact is that it was staffed by one head dude and only six bowman.
A look up the hill.
They have a littlen theater place here.
And check it out Ray, they have the dark brown fixtures here.
I love these old Châteux
I got a 1€ break on the entry fee, because I'm over 60.
To bad it's Saturday and everything is closed.  I might have purchased a few things here.
Looks like a school up here.
I'm pretty sure you can ride the #113 bus up to the top and then just walk down.

I would like to figure this out one day.

But, I've done it from the bottom up, so maybe I won't let you know if there's a better way.
Stairs are big here.
On the way back down, a nice church.
I sit here a while because today is going to be the end of the world. May 21, 2011.

But I say a small prayer about delaying the Raptiure and it works.

The world is not over.

Back to the bus stop.

I wanted to stop at a café up the hill, but a bus was coming soon.
The bus shows up and there are two of us waving it down.

It ignores us and just continues up the hill.

That's where I think the walk down to the Château is.

It comes back down and stops for us.

It's on the way to Menton.

That's cool with me, I'll get a seat on either the bus or train.

But the ladies on the bus with me get off at the Carnoles train station.

I know that, it's between Menton and Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

So I get off too..
This is the stop, I need to remember this.

It also doesn't show that the #113 stops here.

A couple of women stop me and ask directions to Menton in French.

We dance around a bit about whether English or French would be the best.

They are more comfortable with my French, than their English.


So, I send them to the bus stop to Menton.

I hope they don't wind up in Cap D'Ail.
So I catch the train here, get a seat because I'm on the train before Monaco, arrive at Nice Riquier, get the #7 bus to the port, and get a Guinness at Ma Nolan's.

Or two.
And home at last, we have a nice Cassolette de St.-Jacques aux Poireaux et Champignons.

Scallops with leeks and mushrooms.

Very nice.
I was trying to get a shot of the many birds flying around at twilight, but I got a study in French antenna's