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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

May 16-17, 2011 Monday-Tuesday – Eze, Plateau de la Justice.


Where's Jerry right now?

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Ed Norton and his guys show up every few days and work on the sewer.

It seems like there's just a giant holding tank down there and they pump it out every few days.
A major delivery for the Gourmet Basket.
Breakfast on the balcony.
I'm going to take the 82 bus up past Eze Village to the Plateau de la Justice on the Grande Corniche.
That's the high cliff road,

Eze Village is on the Moyenne Corniche, the middle. And Beaulieu is on the Basse Corniche, the low road.

I checked the schedule out at the apartment and I think it's coming at 15:00, so I go there at 14:45..

But I keep forgetting that the time on the schedule is when it leaves the origin point.
In this case the bus starts at Vauban. That's 21 muinutes away.
So I have a long wait.
It's a nice ride along the Moyenne Corniche.

That's Eze Village up on top of that rock.
But I go past it and continue up the hill to the end of the line.
There's nothing up here at all except this Hotel/Restaurant.

By the time we got here, there was no one on the bus except me and an elderly couple.
I walk around a little and find the sign to the Parc.

While I'm standing here a guy on a motorcycle asks me, in English, if I speak French.

So, I tell him, un peu, and he runs off a bunch of French asking about the park.

His French is way better than mine, but I tell him I don't know about the Park, it's my first time here.

But I'm going to walk up the hill to see whats there.
So, I start up a long hill. On the way I look back and my bus is just going back down the hill.

I hope I don't miss the last bus or I'll be staying at that hotel

It's a long way back to Nice.
Nice little spot for a picnic.
I finally get to the top. It was a long walk.
Evidence of Ukrainians lurking about.
I walk about a half mile down an old gravel road.

The road continues on, but I don't.

I think the only thing you find is an exercise course.

I believe I've had sufficient exercise for today.
I get back to the bus stop and only have to wait about 10 minutes for the 83 bus.

It runs between here and Beaulieu on the coast.

I get off at Eze Village to get a few shots.

There's a lot of tourists here.

It's a really nice place.
I've gone up there the last couple of years.

I'm beat, so I'm not going this year.

I'll look at my old pictures.
One of the bridges on the Moyenne Corniche.
Impressive little medeival town.
With a nice view of the coast.
A local hotel with a bunch of bean bags/pillows for the guests.
There's a perfume factory up here too.
There's also a Casino (7-11) store here, so I pick up a little lunch.

A smoked ham and egg salad sandwich.

In the French style of sandwich, mostly bread.
I take the 83 bus down the hill to Beaulieu because it's a great Mr. Toads Wild Ride.

Here's one of the hairpin turns on the way down.
About halfway down.
And I wind up at the port in Beaulieu.
It's a pretty place.
The 83 bus makes a u-turn here to back up.

They had to cut a piece out of the walk so it could make the turn.
Pick a place, they are all fun.
I think it's called The Happy Boy.

I walk over to the bus stop for the 100 bus that will take me back to Nice.

It's about 19:30 but the 100 bus runs well into the night and runs about every 10 minutes.

I wait a half hour and the bus shows up.
I can see from a 100 yards away that the doors are bulging.

I know what happened. I've seen it before. There's a huge crowd that gets on in Monaco. Every bus within the Provence-Alpes-Cτte D'Azur region costs 1€.
The people have been waiting for 10 minutes for the bus. When they get on they ask how much. The driver tells them 1€. Then they start trying to find their money and try to get rid of a bunch of .20€ and.10€ coins.

So it takes about 20 minutes to get the bus loaded.

It just burns right by. About 10 minutes later, here comes another. It's got the "Complet" sign on. That means full and it burns right by.

I start thinking about walking to the train station, but I decide to wait for one more.

The next one isn't full and it stops. I even get a seat after a couple of stops.
I get off at the port and check in at Ma Nolan's.

I finished this one before I could get a picture.