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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

May 15, 2011 Sunday – Cagnes-sur-Mer


Where's Jerry right now?

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There's a medeival village in Cagnes-sur-Mer I want to check out.

So I go around the corner to the Barla/Arson bus stop and catch the bus to the J. C. Bermond bus stops near the now closed Gare Routière.

I must say, this a nicer place to wait for the 200 bus then the old bus station was.
Station J. C. Bermond is a whole series of stops along the park that runs from the Gare Routière down to the Promenade des Anglais.

A lot of bus routes originate around here.
This is what the French consider an orderly queue to get on the bus.

No matter what order you arrive in, everyone believes they should be first on.

So they all just charge the door when it opens.

If it looks like I'll get a seat, I just let them go and get on last.

If the seats are scarce, I mix it up with the crowd.

This is not so bad on buses, as you get on the front and leave from the back doors.
But on trains and trams, the crowd rushes the door and swamps the people trying to get off.
It really slows things up.

Travel Tip:
Position yourself to the right of the stop area. The drivers frequently go past the covered area and the sign to spread the crowd out. You will frequently wind up first on.
You never get quite exact instructions about how to get places.

Everything I read about going to the old village said go to the station in Cagnes-sur-Mer and there's a free shuttle bus from there.

So I figure I'll go to the SNCF railway station. It seems logical that would be a good place to find a shuttle bus.

Wrong, I get there and it's very obscure where even the train station is. I do find it and go in.
There's a teenage kid in there doing a kick box demo on a vending machine.
I think it ate his 2€ and wouldn't come up with an Orangina.

A lady at the ticket window gives him some words about calling the police.
He comes up to her, and I figure he's about to do a little kick boxing on her.

But they just yak it up for a while. I do catch a "va te faire foutre" here and there.

So, after that commotion dies down, I find out I need to go to the Square Bourdet stop to get the shuttle.
I passed that a couple of stops  back.

I get here and it's looking better, there's a sign pointing up the hill to the medeival bourg.

So, I walk around check all the different bus stops and finally find one for the 44 bus. It goes to the Château Vieux-Bourg. Cool. So I wait there.

It comes down the hill and goes over around the square behind me.

I wait for a while and it shows up loaded with people. So I have to stand up all the way up the hill, and it's a rough ride over the really old streets.

The deal is, there's another stop where you get on this bus about 30 yards away. Why they also have this stop beats me.

So, after a Mister Toad's Wild Ride up the hill, we get to the Château at the top.

And a pleasant little square with a couple of restaurants.
It's another Château of the Grimaldi family.

They sure got around this part of the country.

Here's an example of the streets in the old city.
I'm not sure two horses could pass there.
As castles go, this one is a little on the small side.

Must just be a weekend home.
A bit of statuary at the entrance.
No central heating here.
Looks like some kind of well.
Yep, wishing well.

Lot of coin at the bottom.

But it also has bars that would be used as a ladder.
Beats me.
Check out all this machinery to run that little clock.
The Château is now a museum and I found out on the way out that one is not supposed to take pictures.
France has the best windows.
And some pretty nice ceilings too.
This was the party room.
The center of the building, nice and open.
Annd a nice big apple.
After you climb up three floors in the Château, you get to climb up another six flights of stairs to get to the lookout tower.

It's not very big, they only let 19 people up here at one time.

View to the south.
The old city below.

A nice sports facility in the center.
We are in France.

Although I think the Grimaldi dude was Italian.
A nice set of spiral stairs.

Spiral stairs were popular in castles.
And a rather old urinal.

No automatic stuff here.

There's a spigot that you manually turn on and off.
Back down out of the Château, there's a nice little church just across the square.
Back to the bus stop for the shuttle bus.

It's a great ride down.

I have a seat.

I would like to walk down this hill through the old city one day.

A lot of interesting stores and restaurants along the way.

This is the main street here. It's about a "navette" wide.
I've been on this trip over a month, and this is only the 2nd day I've seen rain.

We're at the Garibaldi tram stop.

It stops raining before I get back to rue Bonaparte.