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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

May 13-14, 2011 Friday-Saturday – Cannes


Where's Jerry right now?

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It's Saturday and I decide to give the 30 bus a shot.

It travels from the Nice central train station to the east station at Riquier.

I'm about an 8 block walk from Riquier.  But the 30 bus goes along the coast by Coco Beach, but then goes up Mont Boron and wanders around up there until it comes back down the mountain and arrives at Riquier.

As we go by the port, there are two ferries in the harbor at the same time. Theres not a of room left out there.
It's a real nice bus ride around Mont Boron and kind of a strange way to get to Riquier from rue Bonaparte.
Since I'm here, I figure I'll get a train to Cannes.

A friend of mine has recommended a bar next to the Carlton that he hung out in a few years ago.

Well, maybe more than a few years. It was back in the 60's.

There's a strange top on the building just to the right of the sign.

Looks a little like Bart Simpson's hair.
Plant life at Riquier.
So I get to Cannes and walk down towards the coast.

It's pretty crowded here but people step out of the way of the Ferrari as it goes by.

Guess why she's got such a big smile on her face.
Nice car.

Maybe I'll trade in my 1982 Pontiac for one.
The traffic is a little heavy too.
I've made a big mistake here.

It's a Saturday during the Cannes Film Festival and it's rather late in the day.
I got caught in this last year and it's a huge mistake.
Some of the celebrities are arriving on the red carpet for the evening showing in the big theater.

There's a zillion people out here trying to get a glimpse of a star.

They're cheering and clapping and I have no clue who's over there.

Nor, I suspect, do they.
If you ever get the chance to go to Cannes during the film fesitival.

Don't do it.

Unless you have been invited and have a badge.

You will never see anything.
I finally bust through the crowd and near the Cannes Gare Routière.

I was planning on taking the 8 bus along the coast to the Carleton.
A pretty full sidewalk café.
And nobody is hanging around the mayors office.
I get to the bus station, but I had developed a hankering for a Guinness during my encounter with  the whacky crowd.
I remember a nice Irish pub down along the dock.

As I go by here, I remember being here with Olga last year.

There was no one here last year, and there's no one here this year.

It's a really great break from the crowd.

We had a nice time here last year, but the pub is near.
Yep, that's what I want.
My old favorite.
Guinness is good for me.
The #8 bus stop is just down the street.
And there's a bus there.
So, I check the schedule on my Android.

I had downloaded all the Cannes bus line schedules and maps to my Android phone.

What a great way to carry transit information.

And I also checked the schedule at the stop.

I waited way past when the bus should have left.
So, I give up on that plan and walk back up the quay to the main bus station.

One of the smaller parties going on.
My kid has decided to go to culinary school.

Maybe he'll wind up with one of these.
I'm not going to fight through that crowd to get back to the train station.

I could take a bus from here back to Nice, but the bus is two hours and the train 1 hour.
Plus I bought a round trip train ticket.

So I catch the #2 bus that goes to the SNCF station.

Except because of the festival it doesn't follow the normal route and I wind up in the boonies of Cannes at the Delaup stop. Where I get off and take another bus back down to the bus station.

I get off not too far from the train station and make another big mistake. I walk back the way I came figuring maybe the crowd had gone.

I could have just walked north a block or two and skipped the crowd.

I didn't and the crowd wasn't gone.

It wasn't quite as bad as before, but it was bad enough.
I finally get to the train station and it's really crowded, merde, I'll probably have to stand going back to Nice.

The next train to come is a TGV to Nice Ville.
The one after that is a TER train that will stop at Riquier.

The TGV trains in France are the high speed ones, but you have to have a reserved seat to get on these trains.
When it arrives, even though it's announced in both English and French, that you must have a reservation to board, 90% of the people waitng charge the doors and get on the TGV.

Great, more room for me on the TER train that comes 6 minutes later.

Travel tip:
Stay far away from Cannes during the film festival.
Unless you go early in the day.
Or have an invite and a badge.

Another Travel Tip:
You will probably get away with getting on the TGV because there's way too many people for the authorities to deal with.
I think that's what happened on my TGV ride to the Avignon TGV staion when everything was delayed 4 hours..