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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

May 11-12, 2011 Wednesday-Thursday – Nice


Where's Jerry right now?

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A flock of French pee-wees on their way down rue Bonaparte..
My walk today is along the coast to the east.

Last year we found a little known beach along here called Coco Beach.

It's just past the ferry terminal at the old port.

You can also get here with three different bus routes convenient to rue Bonaparte.
If you walk  next to the port you have to climb some stairs.

Last year, not wanting to climb the stairs, I decided to walk along the port.

You can't get there that way.

It cost me about an extra mile and I had to use the stairs anyway.

But if you use the street just one block east, no stairs and a nice little walk.
This is the queueing area for the ferry to Corsica.
And this is the nice walk along the coast.
And that's the nice little T32 bus that runs from old town over here.

There's a stop at Garibaldi and the Port and it runs every 25 minutes.

It also takes you to old town.
The Sailing Club of Nice.
And what we thought last year was Coco Beach.

Pretty obscure and pretty small.
And they have some diving platforms here.
But I continue along and find the real Coco Beach.

It's a little on the rocky side.
The coastal walk.

You can triple those times for me.
Some nice little houses on the side of the hill.
This was an interesting find.

There's an archeological dig near here at the base of Mont Boron that dates way back into prehistoric time.

About 400,000 years ago.

See the Terra Amata site.
My brother and sister-in-law were a little disappointed with the museum.  They wanted to see the real site.

This is maybe where it is.
So I finally find the Coco Beach and a seafood restaurant.
The reason the French are so skinny.

They do a lot of stairs.
So I head back to the port.

I figure I'll catch one of the buses back.

As usual with me, I never connect with a bus.

I decide not to wait 20 minutes at a stop, so I just walk.

Then I get a couple of blocks away and the bus goes by.

Here's what I've been doing wrong.

I go to bus stop and read the schedule. I see what time the bus is and I check my phone for the time.

The deal is the schedule shows what time the bus leaves it's terminus point. Not when it gets to the stop I'm at.
So, I forget to add in the travel time.
Anyway, I walked back to the old port and stopped in Ma Nolan's for a quick Guinness before I stop by the Intermarche and pick up some groceries.