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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

May 9-10, 2011 Monday/Tuesday – Nice


Where's Jerry right now?

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No big plans today, just a little stroll by the old port and a quick visit to the old city.
Interesting old boat here.

Looks like something that would work rivers  in a Bogart movie.
The Fleas of Nice.

No, I didn't go in, I'm allergic to French fleas.
Not quite as ritzy as Monaco, but they have a few nice boats here.
A look back.
 There's an observatory up on the hill that I need to visit.
I watched this guy come into the port, then turn this boat around in place and start backing up to his slip.
I'm not sure how this works but somehow it tells you what day it is.

I don't much care what day it is.
I was just going to go into old town for a short visit, but, I read that the elevator up to the old Château is free now.

It saves you a climb of 270 feet vertical.

I'm a big fan of free so I decide to take a little side trip.
The elevator is way down the hall, but it's flat.
This is the top, it used to be a well in the old days.
On the top is a nice park area.

With a lot of trails, playgrounds and some really old stuff.
This one is working pretty good.

It's even got an adjustment for daylight savings time.
The standard French tourist little train.

I have a YouTube video of this from a couple of years ago that got quite a few hits.
These are the archeological digs  from the Roman days.
Nice from the Château.
That's where I'm heading now, the Vielle Ville, the old city.

I'm thinking of a Guinness at Ma Nolan's.
I start down the hill to where the elevator is.

I wouldn't want to be near this thing when it goes off.
The Bay of Angels.
For such a moderate climate it's pretty tropical here.

Water heat sinks like Montreaux.
This is the cascade (waterfall) on the side of the hill.

Not running today.  Looks like it hasn't been running for a while.

But I know it was 2 years ago.
Down and down we go.
A little bistro on the main level.

It's a short walk to the elevator from here.

That's the way I came up, but I'll take another path down.
So I go down a bunch of stairs.
I think maybe I missed it.
I may have to walk all the way down.

I'm into about 2 miles here.

And there it is.

The door to the elevator is just up there by the railing.

It seems I overshot it by a tad.
So I climb back up the hill.

That's where I was when I took a picture of the big sundial.

In fact, there seems to be someone standing and taking a picture there.
I watched the ferry from Corsica for quite a while.

It came into the port and turned itself around in place.

It barely fits.

Pretty impressive.
So I finally get the elevator and head to old town.
And Ma Nolan's is at the far end of  Cours Saleya.

But I finally arrive dragging my butt.
But I recover quickly.

It's happy hour and they only clip me for 4.90€.

After I leave here, I go in search of the 14 bus.

That will take me to the Max Barla shop where the supermarket is.

So I walk up to the tram stop.

There's a tram there, but I want to find where the 14 bus stops.

Things have changed a lot since the Gare Routière has closed.

I go to this mysterious place called J. C. Bermond. It's not so much a place, as a really big area just south of the old GR.
I walk across the street to one of the bus stops. There's a 100 bus just about to leave which would take me to the port.

But I want to find the 14, so I walk up to the next area. No 14 there.
So now I've walked to the next tram stop.

And I find the stop for the 14. Cool.
Except now it's 20:10. I've downloaded all the bus schedules to my Android, so I check the schedule.
Damn, the next and last one is at 21:00.

Now, I decide to go to the Monoprix at Garibaldi. I think it is about halfway between this tram stop and the next.

So, I walk about 8 blocks and find that it's only 1 more block to the Garibaldi stop.

Oh well, I finally got here. So I go into the Monoprix, a little worn out and head for the elevator to the downstairs level, where they have what I'm looking for.

Damn, elevator out of order.

So, I walk down the strairs, get my stuff, and climb back up the stairs, check out and walk to rue Bonaparte.

Next time I take the 100, get off at the port, walk two blocks to the Intermarche, which is all on one floor, get my stuff and walk 3 blocks to rue Bonaparte.

That would save me maybe a half mile.