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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

April 28, 2011 Thursday – Annecy

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This is a nice little hotel.

I enjoyed my stay here, except for the walk up the hill.

The owners were very friendly and helpful.

Check them out at their web site.
I learn a little more French here.

When the address starts with "rampe", there's no stairs and it's probably steep.
My first real day in France and I walk down from the hotel and over to the train station.

I had ordered my SNCF Senior Pass, and a ticket to Nice online for pickup at a train station in France.

So I go to the ticket office and retrieve them without issue.

Sorry, I have no funny here. I guess I'm starting to get it?
After I leave, the local bus stop is just across the street and I check out their maps.

I find a Bus #7 that goes to the Clinique General, and according to my map, that's just up the hill a little from the Chateaux.

So I find the ticket office and buy a 24 hour pass for 3.
It doesn't run very often outside of peak time, but it takes me to the top, and I walk down to my hotel.

I'm a big fan of walking down.
So, I get back to the hotel and walk back up the hill a little to the Chateaux.
It's 5 for the entry.

This is the queens tower.
And a shot from inside.

I have a feeling, when this was really in use, there was some more stuff in here.

The trouble with old castles is that either all the stuff inside rotted, or, more likely, got stolen somewhere between when people were living here and when I got here.
The view from the Chateaux.
This guy is pretty lean and mean.
It turns out it is an art exhibit throughout the Chateaux, and pictures aren't allowed.

But like Chillon, they have some nice rest areas.
But also a lot of these to go through four levels of art and other exhibits.
I finish my tour of the Chateaux.

And knowing about the #7 bus, take a leisurely stroll down to the old city.

I've walked all over this place and this the first Irish Pub I've found.

As one may have guessed, I am a fan of Irish Pubs.

But, I'm hungry and I'm not a fan of Irish Pub food.

Especially when I'm in France.
I walk out to the square near town hall and find where the #7 bus stop is.

And I check the schedule.

I don't want to miss the ride up there.

It doesn't look that far up from here, but, for me, it is.
I do a pretty good walk around, probably a couple of miles.

A thunderstorm shows up.

It's the first day since I've been here that the weather wasn't perfect.

I look around a long time for a restaurant that's not going to clip me for 50 bucks for dinner.

But the weather gets really bad and I stop.

I get a tartaflette, green salad, and a big beer. It comes to 18chf.
The tareflette is basically a baking dish filled with potatoes, ham, and onions, and filled with an Emmenthal cheese sauce. Very tasty. Especially the beer.