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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

April 24, 2011 Sunday – Interlaken, Montreux.

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It's Easter Sunday and Ursula has provided me with an Easter basket.

Olga used to do this before I grew up.

Today I'm also having some orange juice and some meusli with milk.

It's a traditional Swiiss breakfast food.
Here's the breakfast set-up at the Rugenpark.

Coffee, tea and hot milk for cocoa.
Bread, cold cuts, cheese, jellies, fruits, yogurt, and cereals.
And cold orange juice and milk.

A nice way to start the day.

And the owners of the Rugenpark are extra cheerful and attentive to the guests in the morning.

I can't recommmend this place highly enough.
Ursula found out I was going to Montreux and made sure that I got on the Golden Pass train by giving me a schedule and pointing out the right train.

This will be my third leg of the Golden Pass trip.

But first, there's a short ride from Interlaken to Spiez where I change trains.
Still some nice mountains out there.

When you live in Florida, where the highest mountain might be Thunder Mountain in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World, you appreciate this a little more.

Just a nice scene from the train.
And perhaps another.
Just a lonely tree enjoying the view of me taking it's picture.
The loo on a Swiss train car.
Whoa Dude, I think I got teleported to West Virginia.
Nope, not West Virginia.
Coming around a corner.
Nice station house.

Crappy picture through the train window.
This is part of the deal on the Golden Pass trains.

Nicer views up.
And the windows are extra large.
And they have ski racks and accept bicycles.
It was a great ride and we're coming down into Montreux.
Where, I'm happy to say, they have escalators.

The wheels on my suitcase are broken.
And I decide, against all my principles of European travel, to take a taxi to the hotel.

I just can't drag this thing any further.

Yea, yea, I know, quit whining dufus.
Suck it up pay a taxi.
So, I get Johnnie for my cab driver, who humors me and pretends he understands my Franch.

But he keeps reverting to English.

I know noone understands my French, so he didn't fool me.

We get to Villa Germaine, and he helps me drag my stuff to the frone door.

I'm early and check-in isn't until 16:00.
It's about 14:00 now.

We buzz in and get no response.
So, I bid him Au Revoir and decide to sit and wait until 16:00.
About 15:00, the door opens a little and I look in and there's a nice lady getting ready to leave.

It turns out she's the maid.
I show her my reservation paper, and she can't check me in, but she lets me put my stuff inside.

I make a small mistake here and put all my stuff inside.

I walk down to the corner about 50 yards away.
There's a nice little creek running down to the lake here.
And more beautiful signs of Spring.
This is a great view of the Villa from the street below.

I just hope it's not a Physco joint.

And I get a room in the attic.

It will turn out my room is on the second floor on the left side of the Villa.
Ah Bon, across the street I find a little store where I pick up a couple of beers for the wait.
In between the little store and the short walk up the hill to the hotel, there's a little used car lot.

Yep, that's right, that turns out to be about $40,000 for a used Porsche Carerra.
And this guy is about $48,000.

And then you put $8.00 a gallon gas into these.

Maybe that's why they're sitting in the used car lot.

So I get back to the front door of the Villa Germaine about 15:45 and sip on my beer a while.

A guy drives up, parks and tries the door.

No answer.

He sees me sitting thereand asks me if it's open.

Not yet, I tell him, and I've been here a couple of hours.

It gets to be about 16:30. and still no one is here.

This is where that small mistake I mentioned earlier comes into play. I decided to put all my stuff inside.
Including the phone number of the Villa.

I start thinking I better find another hotel, this one seems to be out of business.

With all my stuff inside.

But, I still have a beer to finish, so I wait a little longer. I figure my beers will last until about 17:30, and I will panic then.

So, about 17:10, another guy shows up and tries to get in.

Still no answer.

But, he's down with this place, he's got a phone number to call.

So he calls Cecile, the proprietor, and she shows up tout suite, and let's us in.

I'm about half buzzed from the train ride and the beer I had sitting on her stoop, so I give her a little, whassup with making me wait so long?

She says she'll give me a price reduction, so I shut up. 20 chf, which is what it cost me for the cab ride.

She looks at me and figures I'm a little too geezerly for an attic room, but regrets giving me the 20chf off, and gives me room 4 on the 2nd floor.

As in France the first floor is 0, so that's two more floors up.

A winding staircase of about 50 steps.

It's like living in a lighthouse.

So I drop off my stuff.

She gave me a free transport card so I head downtown on the 201 bus.

I could have caught this and paid 2.20chf instead of the 20chf cab ride.

But Johnnie was a cool guy and we had a nice chat.
So, her he is.

Freddie Mercury.

I have no clue who this guy is, so I read the sign and he was the lead singer for Queen.

I have no idea who they were.

But, it's a nice statue.

I think old is when they start making statues of people who you don't know that are 30 years younger than you.
And, just some locals hanging out for sunset on a cool little dias.
Check it out Nice, this place has a dual lane Promenade with a dividing strip.

Same kind of rocky beach though.
A nice little sunset.

But, what's that?

A piece of litter?

First one I've seen since I've been in Switzerland.

Littering must be a capital offense here.
I avoid the temptation of the Casino and head home.

Long day.

Sensual overload.