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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

April 22, 2011 Friday – Trummelbachfalle

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Today I had planned on taking the boat to Beatusholen, but I was too late, so I switched plans and am going to see the cave waterfalls at Trummelbach.

I get a free ride to Wilderswil with the card I got from the hotel.

So I take the 105 bus.
I'm waiting at the bus station at Interlaken West.
More nice signs of spring.
I'm off and heading to Wilderswil.
I get to Wilderswil and buy a ticket round trip to Trummelbachfalle.
I get to Lauterbrunnen,
This is the entrance to the cable car I took yesterday
A little bus.
But I take a big bus.

I had looked up the route to Trummelbach, and I was suppossed to take bus 21, 23, or 29.

This was 141.
But it said Trummelbach so I took it.
It's in a valley between two big mountains.

Which is kind of like everywhere in Switzerland.
This creek is glacier water from the falls.

The road follows it's path all the way back to Lauterbrunnen.
I didn't get my camera out quite soon enough, but there's a nice bright yellow tricycle that Yvette would look good on.
It's up in there.
I didn't think about this, but this water is real cold and dangerous.
The entrance to the lift.
And the shaft up.
The view from where the lift takes you.

Nice enough.
But here's the problem.

The lift takes you halfway up.

You need to walk up to see falls 6-10.
So I walk up to #6.
You Tube Link Here.
YouTube link here.
And here's #7.
YouTube link here.
I take a look up and it looks like a long way to 8, 9 and 10.

This is really just one big waterfall with ten different drops.

There's probably another hundred of these up to the top of the mountain.

So I go back down and take the down stairs to falls 5-2.
It's a long way, some in the cave, some outside in the sunshine.

When you're in the caves, it's like a refrigerator being cooled with 34 degree water.

Pretty cold.

Outside it's in the 70's.
This doesn't really tell the story.

It's also downhill to some of the other falls.

I have mixed emotions about this.

It was pretty cool, only cost 11 chf, but was a lot of stairs up and down to see things.

And real cold, wet, and dark inside.
So I'm off back to the bus stop.
I get the bus back to Lauterbrunnen and catch the train back to Interlaken Ost.

It's Good Friday and the Co-op store is closed, so I wind up at the beer free Kiosk.

This hit the spot though.
This is the bus station at Interlaken Ost.

This thing is perfectly level, only about an inch deep, and the water falls off the sides evenly all around.

Impressive engineering and construction.
I take the bus back to Interlaken West, all the stores are closed, but there's an Aktion open in the train station so I pick up some room supplies and head home.

I think I'll make some Raclette for dinner in the kitchen.