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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

April 17, 2011 Sunday – Luzern

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Today my plan is to take the cog wheel railway up to the top of Pilatus.

Pilatus is a mountain just outside of Luzern and the top is just at 7,000 feet.

I go to the train station and take the S5 to Alpnachstad.
Again, outstanding scenery along the way.
I arrive at Alpnachstad.

There's nobody here.
I am going to walk over to the cog-wheel train stop, but see this on the way under the tracks to the other side.

They don't have a ramp here, so they put in a lift system for wheelchairs.

It's like what you would put in a house to bring a wheelchair up and down the stairs.
These yellow signs indicate how long it takes to walk to the destination.

In my case, I just double the times to get my time.

I notice that it is a 4 hour walk to Pilatus Klum on the top.

So it would take me 8 hours to get there if it was flat.

But it's all uphill so I figure more like 16 hours.
I decide thats a bit too much of a walk for me.

This sign shows the various ways up the mountain.
This is the staion for the cog-wheel train.

The train doesn't start running until some time late in May.
I can't take the train, but, here's the track going up the mountain.

At some points this train climbs a 48% grade, the most in the world.
Andhere's the start of the walking path up to the top.

I decide to find another way up there.
According to the sign, it looked there were cable cars from Hergiswil, so I took the train back there.
Nice little town, they have a glass blowing business here, but I didn't get a chance to visit it.

I've been to Waterford which is probably a little better known.
I find a sign pointing to cable cars.

I start up the hill, and come across some melting snow.

I've walked about a half mile uphill and I continue to see direction signs.

But they don't say how much further.
This is what I see ahead of me.

There's no traffic and no people.

I start thinking I'll find yet another way.

I don't want to go another half mile and find that it's closed.
So I go back to the train station and buy a much needed beer at the Kiosk and go catch the train back to Luzern.

I'll figure this out tomorrow.

I go back to Luzern and get there in time to take a boat trip.

I decide on a round trip from Luzern to Beckenried.

The ticket guy says they don't really have a round trip, but I can take one boat to Beckenried and the change boats to come back to Luzern.

It'll all take about 2 1/2 hours.

I go for it and the tab is 48 chf. Damn, that's a lot of coin for a boat ride.
Then I remember my half fare card, so I get it for 24 chf.
This time I loaded up with supplies from the bahnhof Co-op.

A packet of sliced sausage and a couple of beers. 1.50 for the beer instead of 7 in this nice salon.
This is a great ride, but a little crowded.

I started at the back (aft) and it was nice and sunny and calm.

I moved up to the bow and it was windy and chilly.
A local passes by.
Weggis looks like a real nice little town to visit.
Hows this for a little Swiss architecture.
We arrive at Beckenried.

I have a 6 minute layover here, so I take a real quick tour of the town.
That's my outbound ship leaving, and my return connection to Luzern on the way in.
During this trip, I met a guy from Shanghai who is working for a computer company in Bern.

That's him in the foreground.

We had a nice chat, and he clued me in on how to get to Pilatus, as he was there in the morning.

He also gave me some tips about Interlaken.

Just some scenery from the boat.
I get back to Luzern and stop by Legends Pub for a Guinness.

Arsenal is playing Liverpool on TV and there's a lively crowd.

It's in the 100th minute and a foul in the box results in a penalty shot which ties the game.

Much cheering is going on.

I ordered a Guinness and had to pony up 9.50 chf.

Damn, I can't afford this town.

But, on the other hand, they had free WiFi, and free pretzel sticks.

I ate all of those.
Back to Viki's and she has reminder signs in the mens bathroom to not create sparklies in her bathroom.