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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

April 16, 2011 Saturday – Feldbach, Rapperswil, Luzern

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Well, I got up at 0700 and fixed the virus problem on Sarahs computer.

That was a relief to her as she had called two friends to help, but they weren't available this morning.

It was certainly a relief to me. That's the last time I use someone elses computer in a foreign language.

She was so happy that her computer was fixed that she offered me a ride to the Feldbach station.. Or, perhaps she was afraid I might do something else to it before I left.
In any case I really appreciated the courtesy, and off we went to Feldbach.
At the station she pointed out to me the vineyard on the hill above.

So since I fixed the problem early, I got to Rapperswil an hour early and decided to take the 11:00 train.

I wanted to go see more of  Rapperswil, but my suitcase has a bum wheel and it doesn't roll so good.
So I catch the Inter-Regional train to Luzern.

We have a short stop at Wollerau.
It's a very nice ride with some great scenery
Arth-Goldau is about the halfway point to Luzern.
Verkehrshaus is the transportation museum in Luzern.
And finally, the main station in Luzern.
This is my train, I went first class on this one.

No big difference, but it wasn't much more with my half fare card.
Maybe when gas gets to $8/Gallon you'll see some of these in the US.
I have an all day bus pass with my train ticket, but it's so nice out I decide to walk.

It's not far, maybe about a kilometer (half mile).
So I walk over the bridge, along the lake and turn up towards Lowenplatz.
I meant to come back here but never did.
I continue up to Zurichstrasse and find Viki's door.

I'm an hour earlier than I said I would arrive, but I buzz in and don't get a response.
So I buzz again a little longer and the front door gets a short buzz.
I had left my backpack and suitcase at the bottom of the two steps up to the front door.

So I haul them up and buzz again, a short door buzz in response, but not long enough to get it open.
Viki had told me that she wouldn't be there when I arrived, but her friend Rose would be. So I buzz again and someone answers but we can't communicate.
I get out my cell phone to call Viki and a nice young lady shows up at the door and lets me in. It's not Rose, but Sharon. Rose is not there yet.
Sharon explains that there is no elevator.

Ooops, I never asked what floor the apartment was on.
So I follow Sharon up the stairs, or try to, I'm dragging the suitcase and dealing with my back pack.

After going up what seemed to be about 5 stories, I called up to Sharon and asked how many more floors.

Just one she says.

She comes back and helps me with my backpack.

I get up another floor and find out it's only the 3rd floor.

She lets me in and shows me my room which is great.

I'm busy unpacking and setting up all my electronic stuff, when Rose shows up and says "You're in the wrong room."

I tell her who I am and that I arrived an hour early. She's relieved that I'm who I am and that I am in the right room. We have a nice chat. She very personable and is from South Africa. Then we call Viki and she gives me some advice on where to go and what to see.
Rose gives me the key to the apartment and goes on her way.
After I unpack, I hit the street on my way back to the train station where the ships are also located.

I have an all day transportation pass for Luzern and want to take a boat ride.

On the way there, I took the #1 bus and as I got on, Rose got on behind me. She had been shopping and was just on her way home.

Quite a coincidence, and we had another nice chat on the way to the train station.
Ah, this looks like it might be a good ride.

I go to the ticket window to verify that my all day pass is good for the boats like it was in Zurich.

Nope, the boats in Luzern are not included.

So I cancel my boat ride plan and decide to take a bus ride along the lake.
I sit about for a while with the rest of the riff-raff at the docks.

A pleasant place to just sit and relax.
So then I take bus 23 which goes anlong the lake shore.

Unfortunately it goes along the lake shore about a block away, so I don't get to see much.
So I get back to the train station.
It's late Sunday afternoon and I'm looking to buy some supplies for the room.

I go to the Co-op grocery store on Zurichstrasse, but it's closed.

So I take a walk into the old city.

But everything there is closed too.
The Gutsch is an interesting old hotel up on a hill near the old city.

I think it's closed now, but way out of my budget in any case.

I finally get back to the train station, and, lo and behold, there's a Co-op on the lower level of the train station.
Where I pick up a few beers and stop at the Kebab place just under the apartment and have another great gourmet treat for dinner.

It was really good.