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Adventure 2011 – April/June 2011

April 12, 2011 Tuesday – Orlando, Atlanta, Zurich

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The $9.90 Bloody Mary. As usual, we sstart the trip with a Bloody Mary at MCO.

This year they charged me $9.90.

I can get a half gallon of vodka for $13.
This year we're going on Delta from Orlando to Atlanta to Zurich.

I turned in my Delta frequent flyer miles and got the round trip for $58.
It's a quick flight to Atlanta. A little over an hour.

I arrive at gate B36 and need to go to gate E8.

If you've ever been to Atlanta, you'll know that it's a formidable trek to change planes.

You might see your next plane 100 yards from you in another wing of gates and it's a half mile walk.

In my case, it took about as long to get to E8 as it took to get from Orlando to Atlanta.
But I still had time to drop $7.00 for a mug of beer.

So I've already spent about 30% of the cost of my flight.
Once again, my backpack is chock full of electronics.

But this time, I have a new little toy. A Samsung Android Galaxy S.

It's got a lot of cool features, like wifi, gps, front and back cameras, big touch screen, and it can even read barcodes.

Having all that means it needs to be plugged in a lot.
There are not a lot of people waiting. Great, there'll be a lot of room on the plane.
Not a bad plane, but it didn't have any wifi or power ports.

The flight attendant stops by and I get a glass of wine.

I give her my credit card to pay the $7 tab for the wine, and she informs me that beer and wine is complimentary.

That's going to make this 9 hour flight a lot more fun.