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Adventure 2010 – April/July 2010

June 12-15, 2010 Saturday-Tuesday – Paris

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A bit of a vacation from the vacation, plus I started school at the Allinace Française on Monday.

That eats up about 5 hours of my day.
I did walk around a little down by the river.

I cross over on Pont Neuf and head up rue St-Denis.
Australia plays Germany today, so I thought I'd check out the Australian pub.
It's near the Southern end of rue St-Denis.

I'm just cruising along watching the people when I run into the Frog & Rosbif.
That's too far.
Somehow I missed it, but it's almost game time so I go in there.

It's mostly full of German fans.

Who are having fun because Germany is winning.

Here's a short clip of the action.

At half time I go back down the street to see how bad the Australians are taking it.

But, on the way I pass this little café.

These guys don't care about anything except having a little dance.

Video clip here.

So I finally get to Australian Pub.

How could I have missed this.

They don't seem to be having a lot of fun, and they want a cover charge.

So, I just head back to my apartment and watch the rest there.