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Adventure 2010 – April/July 2010

June 2, 2010 Wednesday – Paris

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I need to get some groceries so I look up the address of a Monoprix in the area.

There's one on Boulevard Saint-Michel just south of Boulevard Saint-Germain-des-Pres.

So I walk up there and totally miss it.
And I get pretty far away and when I run into the Sorbonne, I know I've gone to far.

So I stop and get a picture of the school.

I go back north on St.-Michel and find a Monop'.
It's a peewee Monoprix, but it's good enough to get some breakfast food.

So, I get back to the apartment and cook up a little breakfast.

A nice ham and cheese omelet, a couple of raspberry tartlettes and a peewee glass of milk.
The glasses and cups in the apartment are French size, petite.

I'll take care of that later.

There's not much action on rue de Savoie like we had in Nice.
But they do clean the street every couple of days.

After breakfast, I hit the streets, and this time I'm going to find the big Monoprix.

I run into the Velib' station, but you have to have a credit card with the chip in it to use them.


This time I find the big Monoprix.
It's pretty close, about 8 blocks.
On the way back I find the closest Metro entrance to me, about 3 blocks away at the Place Saint-André-des-Arts.

Just around the corner is my local pub.

I go back down to rue de Savoie, but stop and take a shot of the Seine just around the corner.

Here's the stuff I picked up for the apartment.
There wasn't a trash can here.
And I needed a bigger glass so I don't have to get up every 5 minutes.

And there was no ice cube tray.

I'm not sure why I bought the plastic cups.
And some mailers so I can send my sister some Tin-Tin stuff.

I make dinner and stay in.
It's been a long trip.