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Adventure 2010 – April/July 2010

June 1, 2010 Tuesday – Nice-Paris

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Sadly, I have to also say goodbye to Nice.
I've got an 09:00 train to Paris. I'm taking a TGV which is France's high speed train.

It's about 600 miles, makes quite a few stops, and still makes the trip in 6 hours.

Amtrak takes about 18 hours to go the 800 miles from Orlando to DC.

They don't give you a track number until ½ hour before departure, so everybody stands around in the station watching the big board.

I got a 50% discount for being old, so I bought a 1st class ticket

I'm on the upper deck of the train with a private seat.

Actually it was almost a private car.

Not too many people pony up the coin for 1st class.

Also, as is usual in France, we leave exactly on time.

We stop in Antibes for 8 minutes, then stop in Cannes for 3 minutes.

You better be ready to either get on or off because you don't get a lot of time.

We stop for 4 minutes in St. Raphael – Valescure.

This is a nice smooth ride with great scenery.

We stop in Les Arcs – Draguignan for 3 minutes, burn through Toulon and Marseille without stopping, then stop in Aix en Provence for 3 minutes.

Time for lunch.
So, I go to the lounge car.

And pick up a 1664 to go with the terinne I brought from Nice.

We stop in Avignon for 3 minutes. That's the last stop before Paris.

I do a little work on my laptop.
There is an outlet here, but it doesn't work, so I only get a couple oh hours of work in before my battery gets low.

I arrive at Gare de Lyon and take the Metro to the Saint Michel stop.

3 rue de Savoie is about four blocks from the station and I get there about 16:00.

There's a box next to the door that you key a code into and it unlocks the big door..

Inside there's an iron gate which you enter another code to open.

That gets me to the spiral stairs that go up to the apartments.

My apartment is on the left 1 floor up.

I call the proprietor, François Brunel and he's just coming into the building.

He's very friendly and speaks very good English.

He shows me the apartment, hands me the keys, and asks if I want a tour of the neighborhood.

I do, and off we go.

A map of our route.

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And here's a few pictures of the neighborhood.

Rue Séguier

This street runs down past rue de Savoie and ends at the river.

Rue de Buci.

A very busy area with many restaurants, cafés, and most important of all the Carrefour Supermarket. Where I do a lot of my shopping.

Rue Saint-André des Arts

Another pretty bust street that leads to an Irish Pub that became my local.

Place Saint-Michel.

A real busy place. This is the center of the Quartier Latin, the Sorbonne and a lot of other schools are in the area.

This is just down the street from rue de Savoie about 50 yards.

That's Notre Dame in the background and the Seine is just on the left.

And, yes folks, it's June 1st and it's real cold and rainy.

I'm paying for the electricity I use here, so I took a shot of the meter.

Meanwhile back in Nice, my brother doesn't leave until the next day.

So he takes a Yoga class down by the beach.

I'm starting to understand what he likes about Yoga.