Adventure 2010 – April/July 2010

May 30, 2010 Sunday – Nice

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It's Olga's last day here, so we just chill out a little and have a nice day.

We walk over to the old city which has mostly pedestrian streets.
There's an occasional car, more scooters/motorcycles, and a few bicycles.
I've driven a scooter and bicycle around in here and it's quite nice.

It's Sunday and Olga wants to go to church.

But for some reason, all the churches in France seem to be closed on Sunday.

Now that's a serious door.

And it's locked.

So we continue down the street and consider a sandwich but decide since it's her last day we should eat at a nice restaurant.

We get down to the street where we stayed last year up on the fifth floor, look up, and really appreciate Ray's 2nd floor apartment.

We walk down to the street market and get real tempted by some nice seafood.

But it's a serious tourist area with the prices to match.

We stop by a hat shop and I consider buying a beret.
But after seeing this picture, I think I made a wise decision to not buy it.

So we continue on and notice that the French police are checking out the cars going into the underground parking lot here for bombs.
There's a summit conference tomorrow between France and Africa and things are a little tense for the security guys.

That's a mirror on a stick that the police use to see what's under the car.
It slows things up a tad but I'm happy with it.

I find a T-shirt I really like and make a mistake and don't buy it.

I think it would look real good on my friends Mike and Jeff.

We wind up back by the church and decide to try La Claire Fontaine because they had an interesting menu.
There were a lot of empty tables and we sat down at one that was for 4 people and the owner chased us away and sent us to a table for two.

He was a pretty crabby dude, but the waiter was pleasant and we decided to stay.

I got an assortment of Nice specialties.

And Olga got a seafood salad.

Both very tasty.
And, despite some bad reviews I found later, we were satisfied.

We take a walk on the beach.

And we go back through the Old Town, where Olga finds the Patisserie where she used to buy her flourless cookies. Basically fried sugar. She tried to ask the man that was working there a few days ago if they still made it.
He said, not anymore.
But today, they were in the window, so she rushed in a got a bag of them from the woman working there.