Adventure 2010 – April/July 2010

May 15, 2010 Saturday – Nice/Cannes

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The Cannes film festival is this week so we decide to go over and see what's going on.

We walk over to Place Garibaldi where there's a street market going on.

We take the tram to the train station.

We pick up a little lunch at a joint next to the station and take it on the train with us.

We got a local train, so it stops a lot before we get to Cannes. Still, it only takes a half hour to get there. The 200 bus is a lot cheaper at 1€ but it takes over an hour.

It's drizzling and cold and there's many people wandering around lining up to try a catch a glimpse of a star.

I stop in a store to buy a watch but can't find anything suitable.

Lousy selection.

Just another star on the red carpet leading up to the film hall.

There she is again hanging out with Clooney.

We walk over to the harbour and visit some of the yachts.

There seem to be a lot of yachts on the Côte d'Azur.

I feel a little left out.

We stop by the Irish pub but there's a big deal game on and it's hopelessly crowded and noisy.

So we press on to the beach.

And find more evidence of Ukrainians.

We stop at a nice quiet little café in a small square next to the harbour.

We have a couple of beers while I study the map to find some obscure place that I can go that no one has ever heard of.

We walk over by the Gare Routiére and find an interestingly decorated building.

We get back to the film hall where they are going to show a Woody Allen film at 22:00. It's only about 20:00 but the celebrities are already starting to arrive in a slow process of walking up the red carpet and into the film hall. There's a giant mish-mash of people trying to get a look. It's also being shown on a big screen TV just to my right.

People have brought ladders and step stools so they can see better.

We stay there for 15-20 minutes and I don't recognize anyone, except maybe this bizarre blond who could conceivably be Lady Gaga. But if it was, I really didn't care anyway.

I just need to get away from this crowd before they mistake me for Gérard Depardieu and mob me.

A video of the celebrities arriving. This procedure takes a long time because each car load of celebrities drives up to the red carpet, gets out of the car, then slowly strolls up the red carpet and stairs to the theater. They have to pose and preen for their fans and the cameras. Think of the overplayed video of the White House Gate Crashers posing for the cameras. They use up as much time being in the limelight as possible. That's why it takes 3 hours to fill up the theater. I didn't wait to see them all. 15 Minutes was good with me.

I escape without being recognized and we get back on the train to Nice.

We stop by the big Monoprix on Jean Médecin. I have been looking for anchovies at all the stores and couldn't find any.

The shelves where they stock sardines, mackerel, and tuna fish, … are in the regular part of the store.

For some reason they put the anchovies in the refrigerated section.

Olga found them for me.

I bought some fish and make a nice little dinner with some beans and carrots.

I made a tasty green peppercorn sauce for the fish.