Adventure 2010 – April/July 2010

May 11, 2010 Tuesday – Nice/Monaco

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The Grand Prix of Monaco is this week so I take a little 1€ bus ride over there.
I'm not much of a car racing fan, but I do like the Formula 1 races, and they have an interesting track here through the city.

And Monte Carlo is an interesting city.
It's pretty much a Disney World for the really rich.
No dirt is allowed in the city, and everything is made of marble except the streets.

I get off the bus at the tourist office just above the casino and check out the prices for seats in the stands for the race.
A euro is about $1.28 now, and yes, the good seats are upwards of 400€ for race day.

I do notice that on Friday all seats are free.

Free is good, so I make a mental note to come back then.

This city is so rich they have escalators outside to bring you up to the different levels.
Think San Francisco with escalators instead of cable cars.

I walk down around the famous casino but don't go in.

Last year I made one bet on the roulette wheel, color black, won it, and left a winner at Monte Carlo.

I can't think of a good reason to give them their money back.

They are enclosing the city streets in a cage for the race.
This is one of the last races where they use the streets in a city for the track.

This is part of the track that I walked down from the Casino.
All this barrier is installed just for the races.

I walk down to the port area and find a lot of yachts from London. Times must be good in the UK.

If BP owns this boat, it might not be here next year.

The racing teams are unloading down at the harbor.

Here's the Ferrari team.

It's pretty interesting walking around on the streets where the race will take place.

That's the finish line up ahead and the Prince's place is above the sign up on the hill.

This is one clean city.

And it's mostly made of marble.

Time to get back to Nice.

I follow the signs to the train station.

Here we have a long moving sidewalk.

Everything in sight is shiny marble.

They didn't bother saving any money on this station.

Cleanest train station I've ever seen.

Even at Disney World.

And they didn't skimp on elevators and escalators.

The station is about midway up the mountain, so there's a whole system of escalators and elevators to get the Monégasques from up and down the mountain to the trains without stressing them too much.

Only 32,000 or so people live in Monaco, but there's a really big pile of money that also lives here.