Adventure 2010 – April/July 2010

April 29, 2010 Thursday – Barcelona - Nice

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My brother's apartment in Barcelona was very nice. It had an excellent patio/balcony with nice views.

It also had this weird wicker table that was pretty worthless as it wasn't flat on top and you couldn't put a drink on it.

And one of the wicker chairs had a broken leg and collapsed when one tried to sit on it.

The “one” being him.

Great balcony, crap furniture.

It did have a nice whirlpool tub which I never got a chance to use.

I get up early so I can use the 2nd day of my brothers tourist bus pass before he's ready to go out.
So I get to at least ride the blue route through Barcelona.

Here's another really cool street light.

I ride the blue line all the way around, go back to the apartment and give my brother his pass so he can go do the bus thing.

I had a lot of things I wanted to do, but, the main two were the Park Guell and the Pedrera, both Gaudi things.
I didn't have time for both so I pick the Park. It was closer to the apartment.

So I took the bus down to Diagonal and was going to catch a bus towards the park, but the street was under construction and I wound up walking all the way to Lesseps.

It's a long uphill walk to the park, so I search around and find the 116 bus which goes up the hill and lets you off near the park.

I get to the park and it's fantastic.

It's high above Barcelona and would take many days to see it all.
I came in at the lower end so there's a lot of climbing going up.
If you get here, find your way to the top by bus and walk down.

I like down.

Up, not so much.

A nice bridge in the park.

And the curved tiled benches.

And a picture for my friends waiting for the French postcards.
More architectural beauty.

I leave for Nice today, so I have to cut short the trip to Barcelona.
I go back to the apartment, load up my stuff and take the L7 down to Catalunya.

There I catch the Aerobus for 5€.

This is easily the best way to and from the airport.

Be aware that there are two varieties, one for terminal 1 and one for terminal 2.

So check your flight and get the right one.

For a change I did.

I didn't check my ticket, I just got lucky and got the right one.

I go to the same lady at Vueling and check my big blue thing. No charge. Hear that, EasyJet.
It's a cruise through security, and as usual I'm way far away from my gate.

These airports are getting so big you need 45 minutes to get to your gate from security.

Good thing for moving sidewalks.

I'm anxious to get to Nice, so I'm here a little early.
Actually 2 hours early.
And the volcano ash is not a current problem.
So I look around for something to do and find...

And get …

The flight is just 1 hour 15 and uneventful.
I get to Nice, collect my big blue thing and find a cart to help me get it to the bus.

There's not a shortage of these things.

It is 23:00 though.

They are free but have an interesting twist to make you return them to their proper spot..
You have to put a Euro coin into the slot to release the chain, and you get it back when you return it and and relock it.

I get some cash from an ATM at the airport, and make my way to rue Bonaparte, down near the Old Port.

I drag all my stuff up two floors to the apartment, go out for some food and find a nice restaurant around the corner and down the street.

I'm really worn out and pay way to much for a take out meal, but it was well worth it.

Now I'm going on vacation from my vacation.