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Road Trip 2012 – April-June 2012

June 2-3, Alexandria, Virginia

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We're going on a vacation from the vacation again.

But there's still a few interesting things that catch my attention.

There's a great Asian grocery store in Orlando, 1 Oriental Market.

A wonderful place.

Well, they have a smaller version here in Alexandria.

Grand Mart.

There's a few of these around the DC area.

If you haven't visited one, I suggest you give it a try.

I do a bit of Asian cooking here and there, but when you see the variety of food here, you know you have no clue what you are doing.

Where do you see this.

Baby Mangos.

Thai Hot Peppers.

An aside.

"Thai Hot" is a term used in cooking that means something special.

When you order food in a Thai restaurant, this is one of the options for the amount of spice you think you can handle.

I have a love of hot/spicey foods.

"Thai Hot" kicks my ass.

I ordered it that way once in a Vegas Thai carryout joint next to the Dessert Inn. The waitress said, "Are you sure?".

So I say, "yes".

Bad decision, She's probably still thinking, "Dumb ass (whatever word they use for Gringo in Thai).

"Thai Hot" kicked my ass, but I'll try it again.

Cool, spiney things and some really great looking artichokes.

The lobster tanks are full and they are $6.99/lb.
Good looking fish shelves.

They all had pretty clear eyes.
And a nice tray of hard shells.
Where you just snatch them out of there and chuck them into a brown paper bag.

Now, I'm standing here waiting for Olga to bag a dozen or so crabs.

But they sell them by the pound ($1.99) in this case.

She gets about a half bag full, which will be plenty for dinner tonight.

But she decides she doesn't know how many she put into the bag.

So she gets another bag and is in the process of moving them from one bag to the other, so she can count them.

Now these crabs are live, and they are not fond of getting shuffled around between bags so it's starting to take a long time.

I'm a tad impatient with this process and I say "What the hell are you doing?"

She allows that, "I don't know how many I have."

I offer, "It doesn't matter how many there are, they sell them by the pound. Let's go."

She suggests that I take a walk around the store. Which I decide is probably a good idea.

After I walk away, the woman next to Olga says, "My husband is just like that."

She has a new friend.
Now we don't have a real crab pot here, so she does a little innovation and figures out how to steam them in a small pot without a steamer basket in the bottom.

But, it worked nicely, and we wound up with 11 crabs, 4 pounds worth, for $8.00.

Now, I refer you to a few days ago when we went to the Dancing Crab.

They wanted $94/dozen.

I still can't believe that.