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Road Trip 2012 – April-June 2012

June 1 Ocean City, Maryland, Berlin, Maryland

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We're on the way back to Alexandria and we're going to do a little nostalgia tour of Ocean City, Maryland.

I used to go here regularly on golf weekends with a bunch of red-neck types.

One of our favorite dive/pickup joints was the Jack Spot.

It changed names a bunch of years ago to Big Peckers.

But the interior is still pretty much the same.

Somewhere around 20 years ago, my buddy JY and I discovered this quiet, intimate little lounge on the bay side in Ocean City.

They imported palm trees from Florida to give it a litle atmosphere.

They used to have to replace them every year because the winter would kill them.

The barmaid at Big Peckers told us that Seacrets had expanded a lot.

This looks a lot bigger than I remember.

The place is now huge.

It now has 17 different bar areas.

Including a huge amount of seating in the bay.
Tiki bars all over the place.
A nite club and not shown a hotel.


Check out their website.

It's got a bunch of live webcams.
We used to stay here.

20-30 red-necky hard drinking grubby golfers.

I'm not quite sure why they put up with us.
The Francis Scott Key is a pretty classy joint.

It had classy restaurant and a pretty nice cocktail lounge.

A few of the crew had been thrown out of there over the years.
Now they did put us at the very back end of the property.

That pretty much kept us out of sight of the more civilized types who stayed here.
Next on the list of nostalgic joints is Goobers in Berlin, Maryland.

Unfortunately, it is under renovation.

So, we make a slight adjustment and hit the Pitt Street Grill.

We find a plethora of gourmet treats here.

I opt for some Jalepeno poppers and the Mac-a-weenie.

A deep fried hot dog with macaronis and cheese.

And an iced tea.