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Road Trip 2012 – April-June 2012

May 30 – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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We're off to visit a couple of friends in Rehoboth Beach.

There's always a required stop at the Wawa near Annapolis.
I love their ordering system here in the food shop.

They have touch screens that lead you through the menu and give you all the options to customize your order.

This is what we wound up with.

They do have a lack of picnic tables here, so we resort to the back deck of the Prius.

We had a bit of a late start, and it's about three hours from Alexandria to Rehoboth.

But we manage to get to the Grotto Grand Slam about 15:30.

That's where we meet the one and only, world famous, Mr. Eagan.

Mr. Eagan owned a dive bar/restaurant near Dupont Circle from 1967 until 1999, when he retired to Rehoboth.

I spent many years there, played a lot of darts and spent a boatload of money.
It was my home away from home.

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I'm taking Mr. Eagan and his next door neighbor, another long time regular of his bar, to dinner.

So, in keeping with some old traditions, he picks the most expensive place in Delaware.

The Buttery.

He goes for the pork chop.

Look at this thing.

He's going to have 3 meals out of this.

Stuffed Pork Chop
10 oz. Bone-in Pork Chop Stuffed with Applewood Bacon, Shrimp,
Spinach & Dutch Gouda Cheese, with Lemon Browned Butter Jasmine Rice,
Sautéed Mustard Greens & Spicy Grilled Vegetable Tomato Sauce
The rest of us get a sea scallop gratinée that is excellant.

Scallop Gratinée
Seared Local Sea Scallops Baked in a Roasted Vidalia Onion Cream,
With Morel Mushrooms, Baby Carrots, New Potatoes & Spring Peas,
With an Herbed Pine Nut Crust
And a very good seafood chowder.

With cod, shrimp and clams.

An excellent choice of a very good restaurant in Lewes, Delaware.

Back to Mr. Eagans home, we find a really nice tree with nice large leaves.

It towers over his house.

He claims it was grown from bird seed he left out next to the house.

His neighbor is not happy with it.  But she's a bit of a fussbudget.