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Road Trip 2012 – April-June 2012

May 28 Washington, DC

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We're off to a Mexican restaurant that's next to the bus stop I use when I go to the Tune Inn.

I've wanted to stop in here for years, but just never got around to it.

We take the Circulator down to Federal Triangle where we switch to the 32 bus that's runs down Pennsylvania Avenue.

We get to  the Mexican restaurant and it's closed on Memorial day.

Today is Memorial Day.

So I consider the Pour House.

But the Tune Inn is a dive I've been going to for 30+ years, so I can't resist.
Who could resist a joint like this.

By the way, Esquire magazine has named this one of the best 100 bars in the USA.
I get a very good egg, cheese and sausage croissant.

I almost always have the pastrami and swiss but I felt like a little breakfast food today.

Yep, beer is also breakfast food.

We leave the Tune Inn and head down towards the CVS at the Eastern Market Metro station.

Olga's Metro Smartrip card is flaky and we want to buy a new one.

But, I walk by the Li'l Pub and can't resist stopping in.

It's listed at #10 in Yelp's "Old School Dive Bars"

I brought a friend from Florida here a couple of years ago, and the windows were so dirty he didn't think it was open.
They've washed the windows Mike. Not much else has changed.

Well, the CVS is out of Smartrip cards, so we have to settle for doing a little shopping at J.J. Mutts.
.The canopy over the escalators at the Eastern Market Metro Station.

When they first built the Metro, they didn't have these things.

You got rained on all the way up the escalator.

The problem is, with the canopies, there's a certain set of clueless people who wait until they get to the top of the escalator and then wait and block the other people arriving, while they open their umbrellas.

The escalator just keeps feeding people into the backs of the clueless and there's a big mess.
A look back from the station entrance shows the 1892 Haines building.
We get back to 12th and K.

This is one of the cool things about DC.
Even as central downtown as this is, there's an Indian/Pakistani Restaurant here in an old neighborhood building.
One of the interesting things about the room at the Four Points Sheraton is the little refrigerator is missing.

We're walking back to the room and there's a little refrigerator in the hall.

There's also a guy cleaning the hallway carpets, and we ask him about the refrigerator.

He tells us you have to ask for one.

Seems strange for a $170 room.
They do have a nice rooftop pool and sitting area.

A nice place to hang out and relax a bit.