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Road Trip 2012 – April-June 2012

May 27 A little wandering about in DC, 12th and K to Adams Morgan

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So, I have this connection that gets me a really expensive room in DC for just an expensive price.

$170 vs.$89.

The sign on the room door says $799.

I don't know why they do that, other than to impress the guest.

For $799, I expect both Lonny and Linda greeting me at the door.

Nice enough room.

A tad on the small size though.

But a very comfortable bed with a boat load of pillows.

And free wireless internet plus high speed cable internet.

Maybe these expensive guys are getting a clue from Days Inn.

I get free internet there, but when I pay big bucks for a room, they want to charge for internet.

A decent view of 12th and K.
Don't bring a car here.

We parked up the street a couple of blocks at my sisters.

She doesn't charge anything near this.

We hit the street and plan on taking the DC Circulator up to one of my favorite DC neighborhoods, Adams Morgan.

But, as you can see the bus has gone and we will have to wait about 10 minutes for the next one.

Life in the big city is full of delays.
But, lucky enough for me, I find a hot chick next to a park at 14th and K.

I put the move on her and promise a good time at Millie and Al's at 18th and Columbia.

She's no cheap trollop and gets me to pop for the fare on the DC Circulator.

Adams Morgan has changed a little over the years.

This used to be a nice Latino/African American neighborhood.

Seems some wanna be Irish folks have infiltrated the area.
But two of my favorite joints are still here.

Madams Organ.
And La Fourchette.

A fine little French Bistro.
But, the cream of the crop is an old time dive bars: Millie & Al's.

Now, there's a bit of an old story here.

This is where Olga surreptitoulsy met with one Anthony J. Squirrel to arrange some strippers/belly dancers for a 40th birthday party for myself and my very good friend, sometimes fondly known as Wolfcookies.


And they have a pretty good pizza here, not as good as the old Dupont Villa, but not bad.

You get a pizza with 5 toppings for a reasonable price.

I turn Olga loose on ordering.

They have about 12 toppings available.

After 5, they cost $2 each.

She goes directly for 9 of them, so my $10 pizza is now $20.

I get her to dial back a bit, and we have a very nice pizza for only $16.

However, I wind up with a bill for $81.

Anyone who has ever been to Millies & Al's and spent $81 has probably died of alcohol poisoning.

But, we bought a couple of tee-shirts that added up, so we survived.

On the way back to the DC Circulator, we walk by the Cucheria Madrid.

One of my friends favorite places for Ceviche and an oyster or six.

I miss him.

I'll be catching you on the other side, Woofie.