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Road Trip 2012 – April-June 2012

May 26 A trip from the Alexandria suburbs to the inner city.

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Ah, a nice house in the DC suburbs.

Uptown Alexandria, but only 10 minutes by bus to Old Town Alexandria.

More rental info here.

I head out the front door and walk down the street about 100 yards and catch the AT5 bus.
The AT5 takes me to King Street Metro station.
I catch the Yellow line and get off at Mt. Vernon Square.

Where I finally get to score a half smoke with onion.

No yellow mustard please.
DC has really got with it and installed over 150 bicycle stations like this one.

I'd do this in a flash, but there's no nearby return spot by 12th and M.

And, for some bizarre reason, there's no basket to carry my half smoke.
This is probably another indication of Obama's secret European Socialist/Islamic Sharia agenda for America that will destroy our country and our way of life as we know it.

Putting bicycle lanes on streets and crowding out our beloved SUV's and Hummers.

Oh, woe is us.
And we have here, Modern Liqours in a not so modern setting.

I pop in looking a nice 1.5 liter table wine.

I find a tasting station for $30/bottle wines.

This isn't the Shaw neighborhood I was familiar with.

I can't find what I'm looking for and am about to leave when one of the owners detects that I might not be good for $30, but could go with a nice $12 selection.
Ah, this is more like it.

Clearly some criminal activity has been perpretrated here.

Probably by some drug crazed Socialist Euro type aforementioned.

Or maybe it was just a tad top heavy
There's usually a few Zip Cars here.

A wonderful idea for the inner city folk who don't need a car very often.

It's like the bike share thing, but with cars.

You sign up for the service and just go get a car for a few hours when you need one.
I'm not carrying a lot of stuff, but I do have my trusty Canadian canvas bag I ripped off from the Cavalia horse show people that rented the Early Street house a few years ago.

If the owner sees this, let me know and I will return it.

Although it's been put well to use throughout the US and Europe.

And, since DC is now charging 5 cents for plastic bags, it will save me a bunch of nickels.


What's up in the hood.


I'm not quite sure how these guys got away with this, but they took one of the old town houses on M street and have used every square inch of space on the lot to create a bunch of condo's.

Now in a previous post we showed the new structure, and I listened in a tad to a conversation in the alley between an agent and some prospective new buyers.

But little did I realize the extent of this project on an 1890's townhouse footprint.

Check out the ever so attractive gang of electric meters that will grace the entrance to your new residence that goes for from 200k to 700k.

There's 12 (Twelve) of them.

And these little gems are just next door and worth between 400k and 700k.

Originally developed as low income lottery housing.

And, once again, one of my favorite houses in DC.

Now, the Shaw area would not have developed into the booming gentrified area it has become without the artistic mosaics on 12th street.

This long time resident artist is probably responsible for much of the development here.

So I cruise up 12th Street to my residence for the evening.

It's not exactly geezer friendly.

Where there are many stairs to the one and only pisser.

Which I was desperately in need of.

But, I manage to get up and down the stairs without serious injury, and set up a nice little work area in the front next to the bay window.

And I have all the necessities of modern life.

A nice bottle of wine, a half smoke with onion from the street vendor, an android cell phone, and a tablet size pc.

Later, I do take a run to the local grocery store.

This is a very nice property at 12th and N.

There's a bit of a story here.

My sister tried to buy this a bunch of years ago, but came up about a million short.

I could have put a hell of a Medeival theme retaurant in here.

Now, this is more like the Shaw I know.

I get a few things and go to check out.

The guy in front of me has 2 pints of MD 20/20, a small can of those pop out biscuits, and a small can of Hormel chile.

Now we're talking about the inner city I know.

Well, maybe the gentrification is not yet complete.

This is a really nice neighborhood grocery store.

And, District Liqour is doing a brisk business also.

And to close, just what I think is an interesting shot.