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Road Trip 2012 – April-June 2012

May 16 – Wednesday, Washington, DC

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Today we're off to a DC United Soccer game.

But first we're going to cruise around the old neighborhood and visit a longtime friend who has recently moved into a resort up on Western Avenue.

So we head across Memorial Bridge and have a nice view of the Lincoln Memorial.
We hang a right, go past the Kennedy Center and head north on Rock Creek Parkway.

I've driven up this road a few thousand times and I still enjoy it.

Great park in NW DC.
I lived here for a bunch of years back in the 80's.

I sold it to kind of a looney tune lady.

Sorry neighbors.

She added the attractive balcony on the front.

She had also put up a giant stockade fence, but that is gone now in the front.
And she put another upstairs deck on the back

This one is not too bad.
It's time for lunch and I'm heading for a Mexican joint over on Wisconsin Ave.

But we drive by the Dancing Crab on the way and decide it's been 30 years since we stopped in, so this might be a good time.

Check out this Youtube video of Food Channel's Giada at the Dancing Crab.

For you old timer DC types, this is where Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff used to hang out.

It's just around the corner from the TV station where they did a show.
We didn't have time to fool around with crabs, so we just got some clam chowder and fish and chips.

This doesn't look very appealing, but it was pretty good, as were the fish and chips.

A guy came in and sat outside on the patio and ordered some hard shells.

We thought we might come back later with more time and get some crabs.

So we inquired how much they were.

The waitress, with a very straight face, said, "$94".

We're pretty shocked, we just got a dozen in Mollusk for $20.

Olga says, "No, not for a bushel, how much for a dozen?"

"That's the price for a dozen."

We won't be eating any crabs here, even if they are special North Carolina crabs.
While we were there, I just didn't feel like it was the same place I used to go to.

And that turns out to be because the old Dancing Crab is actually next door.
Down the street a little is a new addition I may need to check out.
I'm in the Tenleytown section of DC.

I used to live here back in the 70's.

We finally get to my friends posh new joint in Chevy Case.

Nice place.

We have a very good visit and then take off for the DC United game.

The game is at 19:30 and we leave about 18:00.

I go down Western Ave and head South on Connecticut.

It's going pretty smoothly, until I get to where the lanes change from 3 and 3, to 4 and 2 for the rush hour traffic leaving town.

That bogs me seriously down.

When I get to Woodley Park, we find Hot & Juicy Crawfish.

It's behind the tree.

We have one of these in Orlando just down the street a tad.

Olga's taken to their Crawfish and we go there a lot.
I'm taken with their beer price during the week. $1. So I tag along

And take note, folks, in DC it's the same deal Monday-Wednesday, $1 bottle beer.

And just down the street, for you geezerly DC dart playing types, is the previous  location of Tippy Taco and Lord Telfords.

I make a disaster out of my route to DC Stadium.

I take a left on Calvert Street, go down 18th through Adams Morgans, take a left on U Street, and wind up on New York Avenue near the old AV Italian restaurant.

From there I find Mount Olivet road.

That gets me finally to 17th street in NE.

A left on East Capitol Street and there's the stadium.

It's taken well over an hour to travel the 9.something miles from Western Avenue.

We park over in lot 8 and hike up to the stadium.

And then up a bunch of ramps to the mezzanine level.

Way back, when the Washington Diplomats played pro soccer here, and I was in the coin, I had 10 seats up here on the mezzanine level.

The climb was easier then.

We used to party with the players after games in this little rather secretive lounge.

VW is now one of the sponsers of DC United.

We make it to our seats with time to spare.

Looks like there won't be a big crowd tonight.

My friend, who is a professional photographer, gave me the tickets for the game.

So this game will be $68 dollars cheaper than the baseball game.

He's the guy down there in the grey pants and shirt, with his giant camera hanging down, scratching his head.

Probably because he can't quite figure out what's going on.

Catch his photo work on Picassa.

This is the Mezzanine level.

Great seats and there's only three rows here.

Great seats directly over the goal.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed watching soccer games here.

And we saw some pretty famous guys play here.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento - Pelé.

Johan Cruyff

Franz Beckenbauer

These guys are all about my age so maybe you haven't heard of them.

DC United about to score.

Now, here is a really cool idea.

Dasdak.com is a new service that lets you order things (like beer) from your phone.

Then it gets delivered to your seat by a pretty smiley and happy guy.

They had a deal going and Bud Lite was $5 plus the service fee of $.75.

Which is a lot better than the beer stand a couple of levels down.