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Road Trip 2012 – April-June 2012

May 6 Sunday, Mollusk, Virginia

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So here at the opulent Mollusk Resort du Chez Hill we have about 60 square feet of bed overlooking the Corrotoman River.

It's a fine joint.

This is one of the endangered small post offices that may suffer from the USPS re-organization.
We're on the way to Cap'n Toms to get some crab bait.

There's a couple of crab pots here at the resort and we're going to catch us some crabs.
We decide to buy a few crabs while we wait for our catch to come in.

They don't have any live crabs, Esther had just put the last bushel in the steamer.

So we reserve 2 dozen and will come back about 16:00 to pick them up.

But we pick up a container of Cap'n Toms crab spice for the ones we catch.
I go back at 16:00 and pick up the crabs.

They are looking good.

Decent size.

Pretty meaty.

And well cooked.


We were a little concerned because she was steaming them for 45 minutes.

That's a lot longer than we do.
So we chow down on the crabs.

A bit cool and a little rainy outside, but very pleasant.
We head down to the dock and get the crab pots ready for the bait fish I got at Cap'n Toms.

It's really slimy, stinky, and just really nasty.

Just what a blue crab finds really tasty.

Notice the gloves.

A few years ago I got some bait fish from Cap'n Tom and used bare hands to deal with them.

I stunk for a week.
OK, the baits in the pots. we've got new lines on them and they're going into the Corrotoman River.

I figure we get a few dozen crabs by morning.

The crab population is the highest it's been in 10 years.
I need to get these gloves off pretty soon or some bait stink might get on me, then I'll have to sleep outside.

Plus it's getting a little dark and there's some bizarre people at the dock that scare me.