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Road Trip 2012 – April-June 2012

May 5 Richmond - Mollusk, Virginia

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We stay up a bit late enjoying Sonya's front porch.

I'm up at 08:10.

I wake up Olga and she looks at her watch, gives me a "Get away from me" look and I option to go downstairs and do a little work on my laptop.

So around noon, we finally get going and head out to a bruch joint.
It's Bellytimber and that doesn't look like a very appetizing brunch menu.
They have a nice little Bloody Mary bar here.

Not bad at $4.50.

And as usual, the Zing Zang seems to be the most popular.

But since it's gone I mix up a nice concoction of who knows what.

Good enough.
It's not exactly overrun with patrons, so we find a table without too much trouble.
Now I'm a little confused as to why there not more people here.

I opt for the French style omelet.

It's a 3 egg omelet with Duck Confit, Oyster mushrooms, and Parmesan cheese.

Are you kidding me, Duck Confit!

Wonderful, and with a little French toast.

The only weird thing was the coffee in a perscription drug advertisement mug for an antihistamine.

There should be more people here. Go here.
We get done the nice brunch and toward Mollusk out on the Northern Neck.

I opt for a southern route through West Point, Virginia.

They have a nice little power plant here.
We pass over the Rappahonnock river and hit the ABC store in Kilmarnock.
I go for the short cut to Mollusk from Kilmarnock.

It's the Merry Point ferry.

It's just arriving from the other side.

Typically, there is one car on it.
We wind up with three cars on our trip.

There is room for a max of 4.
After a quick stop for some eggs, we arrive at a fine joint on the Corrotoman River.

It has a nice view.

It also has a gourmet 2 person chef team  whipping up a fine dinner for us.

It'll be some rib steak, rice pilaf, local asparagus, and a proper salad.

Good food, good company, nice view.

This is good.
Very good.